David R Roisum, Ph.D.


Machine Designer

for the largest and arguably most proficient of the web machine builders 


  • Manager of Winding Research at Beloit Corporation

  • Ph.D in Winding at the Web Handling Research Center


1,000 plants of practical troubleshooting experience

Wrote a book and teach a two day course in industrial problem solving


My award winning and trademarked Web101 course has been taken by about 5,000 students.


Award winning photographer for events and real estate with the capabilities for unconventional media such as 3D, 360 spherical images, infrared and more.

Family man

Husband to wife Jane for 40 years, father of two grown sons, both working as electrical engineers. Family genealogist with a tree of 4,000 ancestors.


DrRoisum@aol.com or 920-312-8466